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USC's Premier co-ed professional leadership society 


61 Members

The rapid development of our organization is attributed to the passion and engagement of our members. We take great pride in creating an enriching environment, drawing together student leaders from all corners of campus.

425 + Alumni

Since our establishment in February 2008, we are proud to have nurtured a vibrant community of accomplished alumni. Their wide-ranging achievements serve as a testament to the enduring impact of our club on personal and professional growth.

200 + Connections

We value our network  of 200+ connections that fosters an extensive reach across various industries. These connections provide our members with opportunities for professional growth, enabling them to explore diverse career paths. 


Delta Omicron Zeta, founded at the University of Southern California in 2008, is a co-educational professional collegiate society organized to foster personal growth in a diverse community of leaders through self-understanding and the collective observation and practice of leadership.


The purpose of Delta Omicron Zeta is to provide a space on college campuses for leaders to utilize each other as resources, therefore becoming more effective student leaders. The society aims to enhance the personal leadership of members so they may further develop skills that will ultimately benefit the group(s) in which they are involved.


While many social programs encourage leadership development as a means to an end, leadership is the focus of our society, not a byproduct. To do this, we create the time and space in our chapter meetings and events to cultivate self-reflection, inspire relationship building, and demand action in leadership. ΔΟΖ Active and Journeymen programming challenge USC's top student leaders to refine their perspectives, strengths, and leadership strategies by understanding how their own tactics relate to those of others.

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